The Process for Sponsors

This is a short overview of the steps that CTBay© will lead you through when you create your RFP

Create RFP

It all starts with the request for proposal (RFP).

Sponsors can effortlessly create standardized RFPs, tailor-made for their projects and needs. The process of creating RFP is automated and guided step-by-step by the CTBay© application

The RFP contains all the relevant data about your project: general project data, protocol, number of patients per county, services, milestones...

Every RFP can contain as many documents as needed. One of the most important documents is the NDA.

While creating the RFP, you will be able to choose whether your company name is shown to all CROs or whether it will be hidden until the NDA is signed by each CRO.


Team Work

For each RFP, you can assign team members that can help you with he RFP creation.

It is up to you whether you assign any team members to the RFP, and you can assign as many as you like.


Publish RFP

After the RFP is complete, you can publish it by a simple button click.

After this, the RFP is available for CROs globally, and they can start the process of NDA signing and proposal creation

When the RFP is published, CROs will be able to see only a couple of details about your project.

All other details will be hidden until the CRO signs the NDA.


NDA Process

The process of executing non disclosure agreements is automated within the CTBay© application.

You will receive NDA requests, and you will be able to see the CRO company details.

If you, for any reason, want to decline a CRO for signing NDA, you can do it by a click of a button.

If a CRO wants to ask you something about the NDA, it can be done by in-app communication.

This process we call NDA negotiation, and during it, you can communicate with the CRO about the NDA, send files to each other, and when you reach agreement, the CRO is required to send you a signed NDA.

After the NDA has been signed, the CRO is granted full access view of the RFP.


Receive/Review Proposals

After publishing the RFP, sponsors will receive proposals which perfectly reflect items from the RFP.

A comparison of standardized proposals facilitates this time-consuming activity, provides more insight, and gives you the full control.

For each proposal, you will have in-app communication. We call this follow-ups.

You can ask any CRO an unlimited number of questions.


Choose a Proposal

Simultaneous access to specific aspects of multiple proposals enables sponsors to make informed decisions.

It is easy to choose the right proposal when all the data is readily accessible and comparable.

CTBay© for Sponsors