The Process for CROs

Here is a brief overview of the steps that CTBay© will lead you through when creating your proposal

New Projects Availability

CROs have easy access to currently available RFPs.

There is no more need to invest time and money in searching for business opportunities, your opportunity is only a click away.


Choose Your Best Fit

CROs can choose the projects that are best suited to their capacities.

By preparing their proposals they are entering into a fair competition where all parties play by the same rules.


NDA Process

The first step of communication between the CRO and the sponsor is signing NDA.

The CRO will review the NDA, and if there are any questions, the CRO can send them to the sponsor using the NDA communication feature.

During NDA negotiation, you can communicate with the sponsors about the NDA, send files to each other, and when you reach an agreement, you are required to send the signed NDA.

After signing the NDA, the sponsor will send you back the countersigned NDA, and you will get access to the full RFP view.


Create Proposal

CROs can create and submit proposals after examining the RFPs published by sponsors.

Proposal creation is guided by CTBay©. Each proposal will perfectly reflect the relevant RFP.


Team Work

For each proposal, you can assign team members to help you with its creation.

It is up to you whether you assign team members to the proposal, and you can assign as many as you like.


Sub RFPs/Sub Contractor

CROs will be able to create and publish sub RFPs in order to get support from other CROs and/or vendors so that they can work together to make a better final proposal (coming soon).

CTBay© for CROs