Clinical Trial Bay Inc.

66 W Flagler St. Suite 900, Miami, FL 33130

We are a team of innovative and proactive people with more than 20 years of experience in the clinical trial industry and more than 15 years of experience in software development.

It took us more than three years, from idea to final product to create CTBay©.

This tool was created by professionals from the clinical trial industry with the help of proven professionals in the software development field.

Clinical Trial Bay

CTBay© is an innovative software solution that connects all the companies involved in clinical trials processes.

The goal of this web application is to improve and modernize the pharmaceutical industry in the clinical trial domain, and to provide a unique and united community where all the projects are offered and made available to all interested parties.

CTBay© is designed to enable tender-like processes, but it is not limited to this feature. The working principle of CTBay© is very simple, but also completely unique.

There is neither a similar application, nor a system tailor-made to manage the entire range of processes for launching a clinical trial.

The process of creating, initiating, and managing projects in the clinical trial industry is challenging and demanding.

Due to the lack of standards, the launching of clinical trials is both time and money consuming. CTBay© is changing the current clinical trial market by connecting all the parties involved and providing them with all the tools they need in one place.

CTBay© introduces groundbreaking strategy that facilitates the start of a clinical trial.

Thanks to this application, every step is guided, standardized, and automated in accordance with general procedures and conventions when starting a clinical trial.

Experience gained over the decades has been implemented to develop a new approach to clinical trial performance.

Designed according to all applicable principles, standards and requirements, this useful tool is going to change the clinical trial Industry.

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