CTBay© - What Is Clinical Trial Bay

What is Clinical Trial Bay?

Currently, communication between suppliers and potential contractors (sponsors and CROs) is carried out in an outdated, expensive, time consuming, and unreliable way. Requests for proposals (RFP) and proposals are sent in MS Word format, contractors are being chosen by a simple web search or referral, and they are being contacted by email or phone.

Negotiations and gathering of proposals last for several months. The quality of requests for proposals and proposals themselves can be considerably low - this depends exclusively on the experience of the individual responsible for their creation.

There is no standardization and the human error probability is huge. This way of operating is both time and money consuming.

CTBay© is an innovative and revolutionary software solution that aims to connect all the companies that are involved in clinical trials and to create a market place for this industry in which all new projects are offered and made available to all interested parties.

Our goal is to improve and modernize the pharmaceutical industry in the clinical trial domain, and to provide a unique and united community

The CTBay© application enables a company to create a standardized RFP, in a completely automatized manner, with no human error, in an intuitive step-by-step way, so that even an individual or a company with relatively little experience can successfully create this considerably complex document. The basic idea is to enable biopharmaceutical companies to publish their projects in very short period of time, and to be sure that the quality of their RFPs meets all standards in this industry.

This application is a game changer for biopharmaceutical companies - they will increase their savings considerably by using it. The number of working hours and people engaged in negotiations for new projects will significantly decrease. The time that passes from publishing a RFP to selection of the suitable vendor will be reduced by a factor of 10! The final selection of a contractor will be infallible since it wouldn't be based on personal connections and luck, but on quantitative comparisons through our application.

Our support team is available 24/7, to assist you at any step of RFP creation. CRO companies now do not have to invest time and resources in searching for business opportunities. It is sufficient to log in to your CTBay© account on a daily basis and see if new projects suitable for them are available. The entire business development strategy can be based on the CTBay© market place. Creation of offers for a specific RFP is automated and guided step-by-step within the application itself.

Preparation of an offer takes less time, the number of people working on this task decreases significantly, and there is no room for errors when answering particular requests made by sponsors. Furthermore, a CRO that cannot meet all the requirements of the sponsor on its own can receive support from CTBay© in finding other CRO companies that have the capacity to meet these requirements. This will make it possible for CROs to join together, make a kind of consortium and step forward with a 100% compliant proposal.

Our support team is available 24/7, to assist you in any step of proposal creation.

Communication between sponsors and CROs are facilitated through a system for notifications and online negotiations.

Even the process of executing nondisclosure agreements that must be signed prior to any data exchange is automated.